Royal Mail joins the andwagon to fight air pollution

This month if you received any mail in London, there is a decent chance it arrived through an electric postal van. Purchasing 100 electric vans from Peugeot this July, Royal Mail has gone one step further and started trailing electric vans from Arrival; an Oxfordshire based company.

The trail includes an aggregate of nine vehicles split up into 3.5, 6, and 7.5 ton variations. Working with an approximate 49,000 postal vans, the chances of Royal mail buying out even more is high, provided the trial succeeds.

The vans themselves are made out of ultra-lightweight composites, like the materials utilised on Formula E car which help reduce the weight of the vehicle. Arrival is the same organisation that is in charge of the electronic components found in the Roborace Robocars – the world's first AI-controlled, self-driving electric car.

The experts have developed the vans in a smart manner, wherein only one individual can manage a whole van in just four hours. Making it easier for someone like a Royal Mail easier to manage their huge fleet, Arrival asserts that any part can be changed in only 15 minutes.

Offering a good range and lower emissions, these vans are a positive development for finding productive transport solutions. The best part being, it costs are equivalent to the price of a diesel van.

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